8 Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

Here’s the first indicator that we’re entering hardcore waters: this list only covers true dinosaurs and no other prehistoric life. Sorry, Diplocaulus – you get an honorable mention for nobody knowing what your boomerang head was for, but amphibians, pterosaurs, synapsids (like Dimetrodon) and all the various seafaring reptiles are not allowed on this list. Let’s get to digging.

1. Tsintaosaurus

Hadrosaurs, AKA duck-billed dinosaurs, are almost a whole family of weird. First, that ridiculous-looking flat bill is really millions of teeth. You also have headgear galore to pick from: Lambeosaurus, Corythosaurus, and especially Parasaurolophus (that’s Duckie from Land Before Time) all have distinctive crests of questionable function. Possibly the weirdest, however, is Tsintaosaurus – AKA the “unicorn dinosaur.”

Here’s a question: what’s the good in being a unicorn, Tsintaosaurus? We’re pretty sure, now, that Parasaurolophus made noise with its horn, so what’s your excuse? Was it used to attract mates? Did you spar with it? Did it help you find others of your kind? Some people think that we don’t have the whole thing; until we know for sure, this is all speculation.

People thought this dinosaur had to be some sort of accident when they found it. If you unearthed a prehistoric unicorn, you’d be pretty shocked, too.