Can Drinking Too Much Water Kill You? Yes!

Health professionals are constantly encouraging us to drink enough water to prevent dehydration. It is a fact that in hot weather or perhaps whilst carrying out any physical activities we tend to sweat a lot more than usual. As a result, our bodies need to take in more fluids in order to compensate for the losses that our bodies may suffer. In addition, individuals with a more physically demanding job may often require additional levels of liquid should they have a tendency to sweat a great deal.

1. So How Much is Too Much?

Experts generally suggest that we consume around 6-8 glasses of water every day. As a guideline, the Food Standards Agency recommends that those of us who live in the UK should drink around 1.2 liters of fluid each day which roughly equates to the above figure that is often quoted. In addition, we are advised to take more liquids on board in warmer weather or if we are the type of person who is very active. In fact, the World Health Organisation goes even further and recommends that men should aim for 2.5 liters daily with women looking to consume 2.2 liters a day.

On average, the kidneys can flush out around 1 liter of water per hour. Drinking more than this can result in what is called ‘water intoxication’, which is a potentially fatal condition. Therefore you should never try and drink more than this within a one-hour timeframe. Read on to find out more about what water intoxication is.