Fun Facts About Paris

Paris is certainly a great place to visit. It has so much history and the monuments there are not to be missed either. What a lot of people don’t know is that Paris is also home to some of the zaniest facts in the world and some of them are just hard to believe. Take the Eiffel Tower, for example, it weighs 7,000 tons and every year, it uses over 50 tons of paint in maintenance. Even after all this maintenance, there were worries at one point that it would collapse because a storm in 1999 blew at over 240KPH and moved the tower by 13cm. During a heat wave, the tower has also been known to shift by over 18cm and this was first discovered in 1976.

If you want some more fun facts, make sure you read on to see what else makes Paris so unique and special.

Every Single Tree Is Measured and Referenced

There are 470,000 trees in Paris, and every single one of them is documented, measured and referenced.

€1 Espressos Are Very Easy To Find

There are 181 locations in the city of Paris alone where you can buy an espresso for as little as €1. There are also maps around the city that tell you where to find the shops that sell them.

There are 31 Street Condom Machines…And They Are All Funded By The Town Hall

In Paris, there are 31 condom machines on the streets and they are all provided and funded by the town hall. If you need to find one, they are also located on various maps.

There’s Only One Stop Sign in Paris

In the entire area of Paris, there is only a single stop sign and this can be found at the exit of a construction company in the 16th arrondissement. In Paris, you normally give way to those who are coming from your right.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Has A Bell Named Emmanuel

The main bell that is used in the Notre Dame cathedral weighs 13t in total and the people who work there have given it a name as well. Emmanuel.

Paris Has Over 6,000 Streets

There are currently 6100 streets in Paris and these are home to properties, cafes, restaurants and more, making Paris the food centre of the world.

The Shortest Street in Paris is Just Over 5m

The shortest street in Paris is only 5.75m and it can be found in the 2nd arrondissement (Rue Des Degrés).

There Are Currently 1700+ Bakeries in Paris

If you love a freshly baked baguette, you’ll be glad to know that there are over 1,784 bakeries in Paris and this alone means that it is difficult to go down a street without smelling warm bread and cookies.

Napoleon Wasn’t Actually That Short

Napoleon, the famous emperor of France is known for being incredibly short. The truth is that he wasn’t that short, in fact, he was 5’6″ which was the average size for a French man at that time. His enemies portrayed him as being short for the sake of propaganda.