Garden of Flowers: 5 Best Flowers You Should Plant in Your Garden

Have you ever been to a place where you were surrounded by beautiful flowers? If not, close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers in a natural landscape; and while you are walking around slowly, their soft petals touch your skin. It surely gives you chills, right? But did you know you can make this imagination into reality? Yes, that’s right.

The most common problem in planting in the garden is not when to start or how to start, but what to plant? Some gardeners find this very stressful because they want to plant flowers that would grow in a few weeks and live for many years, but they just can’t find these types of qualities right away. Nevertheless, here are the best flowers you should plant in your garden.

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a perennial plant native to the areas like Asia, Europe, and North America. You may have heard of it as May bells, Our Lady’s tears, and Mary’s tears. It would be best to plant Lily of the Valley because it is famous for the scented bell-shaped flowers that will surely make your garden aromatic and romantic.

Lily of the Valley is so fragrant that it was named after a perfume, they call it muguet in French. Another good reason to plant Lily of the Valley is they are not choosy when it comes to the soil. They can endure loamy, sandy, and acidic soils. Moreover, Lily of the Valley doesn’t require pruning and is animal resistant. Here are more reasons to plant this in your garden:

  • Royal brides highly treasure it
  • Even if surrounded by trees, it will still bloom
  • It’s a spring flower, and spring is fast approaching
  • It’s famous as a choice in wedding bouquets

To ensure you are on the right path of planting your Lily of the Valley, it would be best to find out more on Gardener’s Path.


Sunflower is no stranger to us, and it is mostly found in North and South America. It’s a good idea to plant Sunflower because it would make a great ornamental plant in your garden. Its round flower heads would surely become an attraction in your garden. Not only that, the brightness of its petals would give a wow factor to your neighborhood.

Sunflowers, from their name, enjoy the heat of the sun. So when you plant this in your garden, it would be best to place them in an area where the sunlight directly hits them. Sunflowers are also considered heliotropic, which means they face and follow wherever the sun is. This happens mostly in the early stage when flowers start to bloom, and seeds are not yet heavy.


Another beautiful flower you can plant in your garden is Angelonia. Their species can be mostly found in Northeastern Brazil, and they are often called summer snapdragon. It’s a good idea to plant this flower in your garden because of its bright colors that descend upward; its aroma smells like apples, and flowers won’t stop blooming.

Angelonias are usually purple, but there are cultivars available in colors white, blue, and pink. Angelonia would make a great ornamental flower in your garden, for they are commonly used as a decoration in landscaping. In planting this flower in your garden, ensure that it is placed in an area where it gets hit by the sun directly, and the soil is moist and rich in animal manure.


Aster is a perennial type of flower, which means they can usually live for more than three years. With that said, it’s a good idea to plant this in your garden so you can enjoy its company for a long period. It will also make a great decoration in your garden for it has colors that are pleasing to the eye; its colors include white, blue, and purple.

Aster can grow from 1 to 6 ft tall and is famous for its star-shaped flower heads. Some gardeners who plant this flower usually believe that it symbolizes wisdom, love, and hope because of its name’s etymology, which means “star.” So if you are one of those gardeners who believe in such a symbol, you should definitely plant it in your garden.


Begonia holds the record as one of the largest genera of flowering plants. Begonia has at least 1800 species, but its most common varieties are rhizomatous, canes, fibrous, wax, rex, and tuberous. It’s a good idea to plant this in your garden because aside from it’s a disease-resistant, they can also bloom endlessly from spring to summer.

With the number of Begonia species, you’ll have an endless option, which is a good thing; because the more options, the higher the chances you’ll never fail to choose the perfect variety of Begonia that you will plant in your garden. When planting begonias, an important reminder is that the soil is moist and place them in a partly shaded area.


Now that you have the best flowers you can plant in your garden, it would be best to share this with your family and friends; and together, you can start planting these beautiful flowers then enjoy its ambiance in a promising future. For help in planting or maintaining, look for trusted local companies such as to find a service near you.

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