Harry Styles of One Direction was Born with 4 Nipples


We all love a joke, we can’t deny that and it is known that One Direction star Harry Styles has a reputation for being quite the jokester, but when he revealed in March 2012 that one of the many interesting One Direction facts is that he not only had 2 nipples but 4, a lot of people questioned the legitimacy of his claim.

It was not until Harry was seen topless, soaking up the sunshine on a luxury yacht in Sydney, Australia that the Harry Styles 4 nipples rumour was confirmed as true! He also admitted it when posed the question… see the video below.

‘I think I must have been a twin,’ Harry has also stated previously, ‘but then the other one went away and left its nipples behind.’ – This may be Harry’s reasoning behind his 2 extra nipples, but he actually suffers from a medical condition called supernumerary nipple, which is a condition where additional nipples occur on humans that appear along the bodies two vertical milk lines.

Medical conditions can sometimes be daunting, but you can clearly tell that Harry is proud of his imperfections! He’s not ashamed to show off his bare chest and toned torso – regardless of how many nipples he has.