10 One Direction Facts


1d facts

We’re sure most of you have heard of the British-Irish boy band by now, but there are interesting One Direction facts that only the avid fan will know.

For instance, did you know that Liam Payne has a fear of spoons? Or that Harry Styles has 4 nipples?

Here are 10 more 1D facts:

  1. Louis was raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The same place that TV personalities such as Jeremy Clarkson and Brian Blessed were brought up
  2. Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be called ‘Niall and the Potatoes’.
  3. Liam has been on 2 series of The X Factor. He entered in 2008 but although he got through to the ‘Judges House’ in Barbados, he was eliminated
  4. Niall had two pet fish named Tom and Jerry but they accidentally died from him overfeeding them
  5. Harry can play the kazoo
  6. Zayn’s (Ex-One Direction) X Factor audition wasn’t actually broadcasted on the main show. Only after he had progressed further in the competition was it then shown on The Xtra Factor.
  7. It was Nicole Scherzinger, the former Pussycat Doll who suggested that the boys should be put together at boot camp to form one group
  8. Niall is the only one of the group who is left-handed
  9. Zayn (Ex-One Direction) mimed ‘hello’ through the car window to a fan which resulted in her passing out!
  10. Niall said he screamed out loud when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter