Hot Web Design Pointers to look out for in 2022 

Get Used To Putting Users First!

Are you tired of losing visitors, sales, or even social shares and interactions? Do you doubt your web design techniques, and consider them sketchy?

Here are some of the emerging trends (well backed in stats) to help you make a good design choice again!

1. Photography And Graphics With Visual Hierarchy

Almost 95% of these swift judgment calls are primarily design-based.

Users spend less than 6 seconds looking at the website’s main image and for that time, it has been shown, almost 40% of users are leaving the website because they find the main image or graphics unattractive.

According to Adobe, we, as spectators, are shallow. We’d rather be given 15 minutes to watch a beautifully designed website, than suffer through a simple or plain one.

How To Use Photography And Graphics To Your Advantage?

Grab your potential customers’ attention straight away by using a large, eye-catching image that blends perfectly with other elements and graphics.

You should also consider removing those boring, stock imagery that is often ignored, with freshly baked graphics that show the uniqueness of your brand.

How About Visual Hierarchy?

Here we want to accentuate the position of clear, bold call-to-action UX/UI Copy.

Can you imagine that some business owners lack their contact details on the website, thus provoking users to leave their virtual “experience”?

You should always count on people who are quite impatient. If they can’t find the info they are looking for – BOOM, they’re gone!

Visual hierarchy helps with this. It gives fluidity and order to your design, makes it attractive, and – helpful. And how does that go?

  1. Logo
  2. Menu navigation
  3. Contact info
  4. Call-to-action (CTA)

Try to make more important elements larger. Guide your visitor’s focus by playing with the size of the most important features, and use contrasting rather than clashing colors to retain attention.

2. Bold Fonts

Only 20% of people tend to stick with the words on the webpage. But, bold fonts with short, witty content can bring a crisp, modern feeling to a website.

It’s easier to scale and digest content if the information provided is important. You can emphasize this by putting the text you want visitors to pay the most attention to in bold. But, don’t go overboard, accenting everything, accents, nothing.

Adjust things like headings, CTA’s, or key information on your page design to maintain a well-balanced experience.

3. Personalized Content

Who doesn’t like content that speaks to them?

By creating a tailored experience that speaks directly to the customer, you are adding a drop of personalization to any site and ultimately boost that engagement and conversion.

Localise your content. Ensure you’re communicating in your customer’s language, selling in their currency, and offer payment methods familiar to them. For this, you have to know your niche and understand your customers.

4. Mobile-Fused Ecommerce

The data suggests that around 57% of customers won’t tolerate a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

And when you add to that that more than 70% of searches are performed on mobile devices – it’s more than obvious that you’ll have to make a whooping adaptation.

For optimizing your website for mobile, keep your design clutter-free! Think about what future visitors want to see, and give it to them straight away.

Give elements such as buttons and CTA’s plenty of space. Not only because it can look good, but it’ll be easier to click on using a finger or thumb.

Think about the buyers and develop design for the least tech savvy buyer persona, then you should be on the right track with your user experience.

5. Faster Loading Speeds

“Only” one-second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%!

No one has a century to wait for some web page to load. More than 40% of visitors wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a stuck page.

Your website should load in less than 3 seconds in order to make visitors happy – and you’ll find that it helps with SEO ranking as well.

Spike that website speed by doing these easy steps:

  1. First – test your website speed (mobile and desktop)
  2. Compress and optimize your images
  3. Check your hosting performance
  4. Use smart content loading

Do you know how long it takes for one user to form an opinion about your brand?

Well, based on the website offer you’re promoting, it takes him/her 0.05 seconds to make a judgment.

There is nothing worse than a generic online experience. People today look for real-time deals and real-life tests on products they like. Follow these few steps, and you’ll succeed in raising your brand awareness to win over long-term customers that believe in the brand and keep buying your products.