How did the stats of the 2022-23 NFL Season compare to previous seasons

Most 2022-23 NFL contenders had talented players and some of the best coaches in the US. Consequently, the event had a fair share of furious finishes and exciting moments.

While only a handful of matchups were truly memorable, it was a fantastic season all around. The most thrilling event was the Super Bowl LVII, where Kansas City Chiefs defeated Eagles 38-35 to win the trophy.

Nonetheless, the 2022-23 NFL stats were horrific compared to previous years. The season had some surprises that have influenced the way punters make their bets on pay per head sportsbook software. Let’s examine the metrics and see how they compare to previous tournaments.

Passing Yards Stats

Quarterbacks displayed an outstanding performance in the past season, leading to better passing yards stats. The season ended with Patrick Mahomes on top of the leaderboard. The Quarterback garnered 5,250 passing yards, the fourth highest figure in NFL history.

However, the season wasn’t as competitive as 2013 season, where MVP winner Peyton Manning accrued 5,477 yards for Denver Broncos. Also, the 2011 event was equally competitive as Drew Brees passed 5476 yards. Here are the figures for the 2022-23 passing leaders.

Rank Player Position Team Passing Yards
1 Patrick Mahomes Quarterback Kansas City Chiefs 5250
2 Justin Herbert Quarterback Los Angeles Chargers 4739
3 Tom Brady Quarterback Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4694
4 Kirk Cousins Quarterback Minnesota Vikings 4547
5 Joe Burrow Quarterback Cincinnati Bengals 4475

Rushing Yards Stats

Running backs didn’t put up any huge numbers again this year. However, most of them did well enough to hold their ranking as a top-tier players.

Josh Jacobs was on top of the rushing yards leaderboard with 1,653 yards. However, the figure is nowhere close to 1984 stats, where Eric Dickerson had 2,105 yards. Dickerson is followed closely by Adrian Peterson, who had 2,097 yards in the 2012 competition.

Currently, eight players have attained 2,000+ rushing yards. Therefore, the 2022-23 season performance wasn’t good since Jacobs ranks 45th in the all-time leaderboard.

Here are players with highest yards in the 2022-23 season.

Rank Player Position Team Yards
1 Josh Jacobs running back Las Vegas Raiders 1653
2 Derrick Henry running back Tennessee Titans 1538
3 Nick Chubb running back Cleveland Browns 1525
4 Saquon Barkley running back New York Giants 1312
5 Miles Sanders running back Philadelphia Eagles 1269

Receiving Yards Stats

Justin Jefferson, a top Vikings’ wide receiver, led the receiving yards leaderboard with 1,809 yards. The season’s stats were average compared with previous seasons. However, Calvin Johnson still holds the NFL receiving yard record with 1,964 yards for the 2012 season.

Cooper Kupp is the second player on the standings with 1,947 yards (2021 season). Kupp is followed by Julio Jones, Jerry Rice, and Antonio Brown with 1,871, 1,848, and 1,834 yards.

Here are 2022/23 receiving leaders;

Rank Player Position Team Yards
1 Justin Jefferson Wide receiver Minnesota Vikings 1809
2 Tyreek Hill Wide receiver Miami Dolphins 1710
3 Davante Adams Wide receiver Las Vegas Raiders 1516
4 A.J. Brown Wide receiver Philadelphia Eagles 1496
5 Stefon Diggs Wide receiver Buffalo Bills 1429

Scoring Stats

2022/23 season had average scoring stats. Seahawks’ Jason Myers was the top scorer with 143 points. Therefore, Myers needed 43 more points to tie with LaDanian Tomlinson, the 2006 all-time scorer with 186 points.

Below are the 2022/23 NFL top scorers.

Rank Player Team Points
1 Jason Myers (K) Seattle Seahawks 143
2 Justin Tucker (K) Baltimore Ravens 142
3 Daniel Carlson (K) Las Vegas Raiders 137
4 Brett Maher (K) Dallas Cowboys 137
5 Tyler Bass (K) Buffalo Bills 129

Sacks Stats

49ers’ Nick Bosa led the standings with 18.5 sacks. He was followed by Myles Garrett and Haason Reddick with 16.0 sacks each.

Nonetheless, the stats were not good compared with some previous seasons. For instance, in the 2001 competition, Michael Strahan had 22.5 sacks. Similarly, T.J Watt landed 22.5 sacks in the 2021 event.

Rank Player Team Sacks
1 Nick Bosa (DE) San Francisco 49ers 18.5
2 Myles Garrett (DE) Cleveland Browns 16.0
3 Haason Reddick (OLB) Philadelphia Eagles 16.0
4 Chris Jones (DT) Kansas City Chiefs 15.5
5 Matt Judon (OLB) New England Patriots 15.5

 Interceptions Stats

Intercepting a ball is a challenging task, but some players are good at it. For example, in 1952, Dick Lane intercepted 14 times in the same season, completing 298 yards. Similarly, Lester Hayes, Spec Sanders, and Dan Sandifer intercepted 13 balls each during the 1980, 1950, and 1948 seasons.

Nowadays, teams employ modern tactics which minimize ball interceptions. Here are top defensive leaders in the 2022-23 event.

Rank Player Team Interceptions
1 Minkah Fitzpatrick (FS) Pittsburgh Steelers 6
2 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (FS) Philadelphia Eagles 6
3 Justin Simmons (FS) Denver Broncos 6
4 Tariq Woolen (CB) Seattle Seahawks 6
5 Harrison Smith Minnesota Vikings 5


The 2022/23 NFL tourney had fewer interceptions and scores as compared to some previous events. However, Quarterbacks got better stats than they have in the recent past. For instance, Patrick Mahomes was at his best form and accrued 5250 passing yards.