Sprinkling Sugar on a Wound Will Help it Heal Faster!

When you cut yourself the last place you’d think of running to would be the sugar bowl. Most would consult the first aid kit to stem the tide of bleeding, but according to a study from a senior nurse, who grew up in Zimbabwe, sugar can greatly help in the treatment of wounds.

Image Source: Uwe Hermann

Image Source: Uwe Hermann

Moses Murandu, a medical lecturer at The University of Wolverhampton, grew up in Zimbabwe observing his father treating the wounds of villagers using crushed sugar cane. He went on to carry out a 6 month study, in England, on 21 patients who’s wounds hadn’t responded to conventional treatment.

Murandu found that pouring granulated sugar on wounds such as leg ulcers or bed sores would kill the bacteria that caused infection and chronic pain. Bacteria needs water to survive and multiply, sugar draws water away from the wound and into the dressing effectively starving and killing the bacteria.

It’s crazy to think that something as simple and abundant as sugar could save the NHS billions as an alternative to expensive medicines.

Who’d have thought that Mary Poppins was onto something, never mind medicine, it turns out a spoonful of sugar helps the swelling go down.

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