Top 5 Foods To Carry For Your Dog For A Road Trip 

Thinking of traveling with your pet and wondering, what do you feed a dog on a road trip? We’re here to help.

Although few things in life are as exciting and adventurous as a road trip with your dog, taking your pet along with you on a long car ride comes with its share of responsibilities, planning, and forethought.

What can I feed my dog when traveling? How do I feed my dog on a long road trip? If these questions are plaguing your mind, read on for a detailed guide on the best foods for dogs when on a road trip.


Yogurt is an excellent tummy settler for dogs and makes for a soothing dessert to enjoy during a pit stop on your road trip. So, if your pup has an upset stomach, yogurt will serve as a soothing respite for both you and your dog.

Wondering how? It’ll help tone down doggy gas! If you’ve stayed in a confined space with the smell of doggy gas, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Avoid yogurt with high sugar content, and don’t forget to pack a spoon.


If you’ve been wondering, what should I feed my dog on a road trip, here’s your answer. Veggies make for hearty, healthy, and low-calorie snacks for dogs during a road trip. Here are some options.


What to give a dog for a long road trip? You can’t go wrong with carrots! Carrots make for excellent travel food for dogs. Most dogs love carrots because they’re sweet, crunchy, and fun to chew.

Full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, carrots are ideal road trip snacks for dogs because they are low in calories and don’t create much gas.


Cucumbers are low in calories, full of vitamins, and high in water content. They can serve as a quick dose of hydrating refreshment on a balmy day.

Vegetables like carrots, peas, and green beans are rich in vitamins. They are tasty low-calorie snacks. Besides, they are great for a dog’s muscles, nerves, and kidneys.


Peas are an excellent road trip food for dogs. They make for tiny dog treats that are easy for your dog to digest as they’re full of proteins and fiber. They’re also high in vitamin A, B, C, and K. You can serve them fresh, frozen, or thawed. Avoid feeding your dog canned varieties, as they can contain sodium or preservatives.

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Here are some delicious fruits you can share with your dog.


Most dogs love apples due to their crunchy texture. Rich in soluble dietary fiber and vitamins, frozen apples make for excellent snacks on a warm day, and they also help keep your dog’s teeth and breath clean. But make sure to remove its seeds and rind.


Watermelon is rich in water content and is an excellent way to hydrate your dog. Be sure to remove the seeds.


Rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals, bananas make for a great low-calorie treat for dogs.


Mangoes make for a sweet summer treat for dogs that are packed with vitamins and minerals.


Rich in antioxidants and low in calories, berries like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries make excellent dog treats that are great for the road.

Snacks and Treats

If you’re thinking, what do you feed a dog on a road trip, the answer is quick snacks!

You can pack some snacks and treats like sandwiches and jerkies in a container. Not only are they filling and delicious, but you can also customize them according to your preference!

You can also get unsalted peanuts as they are easy to munch on during a road trip, and your dog is also sure to enjoy them.


Whether served cold or warm, chicken makes for a healthy, hearty, and delectable snack for your dog. You can feed it to your dog in many ways—sliced chicken pieces, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, or roast chicken chunks.

Tips For Feeding Your Dog While Traveling

When on a road trip with your dog, what and how you feed your dog can be a determinant between a fantastic experience full of fun or a harrowing event that you’ll dread for a lifetime. What do you feed a dog on a road trip? And how do you make them comfortable and ensure there are no tummy upset incidents while traveling? Here are some tips.

Carry Sufficient Water

Ensuring your pet is adequately hydrated is one of the top things to take care of during a long trip. So, make sure to pack enough water with you as it can get difficult to find water along the way.

Not only will it let you choose your pitstops conveniently, but it’ll also save you some money, give you a chance to give your pet a toilet break, and protect your pet from any stomach issues at your destination.

Remember to pack a bowl to feed water and food. You can also carry a collapsible bowl to save space.

Don’t Make Changes to Their Diet

Packing your dog’s usual food is the easiest way to ensure they don’t face any stomach issues.

Shop your pet supplies beforehand instead of banking on buying them along the way since it might be hard to find the exact food your dog usually has.

As you’re already exposing your dog to unfamiliar surroundings, try not to add to its stress by introducing unfamiliar food. Pack enough food for a round trip.

Address Any Motion Sickness Issues Beforehand

Most dogs experience motion sickness while traveling in a moving vehicle. So, consult your vet regarding which medicine to give your dog while traveling. Some dogs experience motion sickness despite the medicines. So, it’s better to keep things like cleaning supplies, paper towels, and plastic bags handy to use when the need arises.

Sometimes, your dog might accidentally eat things like tissues or paper bags and experience nausea. In such cases, if you’re wondering how do I make my dog throw up, you will need to give it something that will trigger its gag reflex. Vets usually suggest a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

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Reduce The Food Portion

Feed your pet less than the usual amount of food before going on a road trip. This is because even the calmest dogs are prone to anxiety before traveling, which can lead to motion sickness and stomach upsets.

Do Not Feed Your Dog In A Moving Vehicle

Never feed your dog right before you start the trip or in a moving vehicle. Allow at least an hour’s worth of gap between their meal and your trip’s commencement.

While traveling, make sure to feed your dog something light and easy to digest instead of a heavy meal.

If you’ve been wondering, what do you feed a dog on a road trip, we hope this post has answered your question. Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, snacks, and chicken are some of the best dog foods to pack for a long road trip. Make sure to pack enough food and water that lasts for a round trip as, sometimes, it might be hard to find snacks and water along the way.