Top 10 Beard Styles Followed by Celebrities

In this age of styling and fashion, a beard can not be regarded simply as a beard. It is a style statement for almost all men all over the world. A beard can change the look of the man completely and can make him look far more attractive and handsome. Also, a beard is a classy approach to look dashing and intense without much effort. There are many types of beards and they are completely different and unique in their own way. Nowadays celebrities have also started defining their styles with the help of beards. Top 10 beard styles inspired by celebrities are as follows:

1. A big full beard A.K.A The Clooney:

One of the biggest stars of Hollywood, George Clooney has recently owned this beard style and whatever he does becomes a trend, that man at this age looks better than most young celebrities. To get this bread all one has to do is keep their cheeks and temples trimmed, let this moustache grow over the upper lip a little and the beard in the goatee area grow thick, and the look is complete.

2. Ducktails:

The ducktail style of beard is a full beard that ends by coming into a point just below the chin resembling the tail of a duck. Many celebrities have tried this beard style for movies. The biggest example is how superstar Leonardo DiCaprio perfectly carried this style in his movie Django Unchained. There are many other celebrities famous for this style including Brad Pitt as well as Benicio Del Toro.

3. Mutton Chops A.K.A The Wolverine:

Mutton chops can be explained as facial hair that runs down to the chin via the sideburns. The Wolverine or one of the most talented actors Huh Jackman had this look in his movie X-Men series and totally made everyone speechless with it. Other celebrities who carried off this look and looked spectacular like Liev Schreiber and Lemmy Kilmister, who is the lead singer for the popular band ‘Motorhead’. He connected his beard with a moustache which looked even more unique.

4. Garibaldi:

This is a full beard style with round bottom and moustache, celebrities like Zach Galifianakis, Shia LaBeouf have sported this beard style. This has also been popular among sportsmen. This style needs just a little bit of careful trimming in the bottom area and in the moustaches as well.

5. Goatee:

This is a beard style where the beard is worn on the chin. In this style, usually, men do not include a moustache. The audience of the world-famous show “Breaking Bad” saw this style in their lead actor Brian Cranston’s look who played the role of Walter White. Other celebrities who absolutely rocked this look are Robert Pattinson, Adam Sandler, and John Travolta.

6. Hollywoodian:

This style has been sported by big celebrities like Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds. This look has moustaches and beard without sideburns, this is an easy look to get.

7. Rap Industry Standard:

A standard to get into the Rap industry? No, but many rap artists have been seen sporting this beard style, rappers like R. Kelly and 50 cents wear this style. This beard style has a pencil-thin line and it goes down the sideburns on both sides then up the jawlines and finally meeting the moustaches.

8. Soul Patch:

In this style, a small patch of beard can be seen between the lower lip and chin. This is how its name has been derived. Famous celebrities such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, and Howie Mandell have worn this look and gained much popularity among the audience.

9. The Pencil:

This beard style is obtained having a moustache of a very thin line. It looks strange but for some face shapes, it can prove legendary. Also, this style has always been a signature look for big celebrities such as Late Vincent Price and John Waters.

10. Norse Skipper: 

This beard style has been sported by Mel Gibson, Scott Lan and many more. This is a triangular goatee and it is located on the chin and is no wider than the sides/corners of the mouth. This is a complex beard style but can look cool if the one who wants it pairs it up with an equally good hairstyle.

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